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Swimming Portraits

$190 to $295 For Session & All Pictures

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Swimming Picures Are The Best!
Water, Kids and a Waterproof camera - there will be some great pictures. Kids LOVE water and with the right camera gear getting fantistic pictures is something I enjoy doing.

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Pricing From $195 to $295
$195 is for two hours from my door to my door. Time culling out the photos and uploading them is not counted. If door to door is longer than two hours and less than four hours then the price is $295.

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Best Value For Your Money
I take great pleasure in taking high quality portrait pictures I know are going to be cherished by a parent for a lifetime, and this reflects in my lower prices. Call around and you will find for my experience level I have great rates. Click Here For More on pricing.

Unlimited Access to your pictures (I.E. No additional charges if you want to print a bunch of them)
If you go to the pricing page you'll see my story of how a local photographer tried to charge me $6,000 for a nice christmas card type picture of my family - after we paid the sitting fee of a couple hundred dollars. This not only made me mad, but it made me sad for people who can't afford to get a quality image worth keeping for a lifetime. When you pay me for pictures, you have unlimited access to the photo as long as the image isn't sold or used commercially. This is almost unheard of in the professional photography world. In other words make as many copies as you want and use them on your birthday, christmas and easter cards. Print calendars for your family and friends, etc.



AA Brite 24/7 Answering The phone
I'm also the owner of AA Brite 24/7 painting and roof coating company here in Tucson and answer my cell phone as "Rob Anderson with AA Brite" - so now you won't be surprised and wondering if you called the wrong number. As mentioned earlier I work part time as a photographer and my hours are flexible. Obviously as the owner of another company I have to put a plug in for it here - in case you also need some painting or roof coating. Plus the next lens I want to buy costs $7,000 and the more work I get the sooner I get the lens. (smiling)


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