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If your a working parent then pricing is probably going to determine if you actually get that once in a lifetime photo. The great news is the pricing is reasonable. Prices range from $295 for a football game photo shoot, to as low as $150 for pictures at the playground or park. I take great pleasure in taking high quality portrait pictures I know are going to be cherished by a parent for a lifetime, and this reflects in my lower prices. Call around and you will find I have great rates for the type of photographs I shoot.

Football Game

Football Team Picture &
30 Players Individually

Soccer Game
Soccer Team Picture & Each Player Individually
Family Portraits
Kids Portraits
$185 to $295
Business Card Pictures
Outdoor Activity Portraits
$150 to $300
Swimming Portraits
$190 to $295
Motor Sports Pictures (Quads)
$295 to $1,000

Pricing Logic
Prices are determined by the amount of time involved and how much work getting the photos are. Football games are the most exciting to shoot for most photographers. They also go on for a few hours and require alot or re-positioning to get good shots. Translated this means I charge $295 to take pictures of a game.

Soccer games - for kids - are a breeze to shoot and they take less time and require a whole lot less re-positioning of the camera.

Business card pictures are the easiest and fastest to produce, and hence they are the cheapest.

Quads..... just look at the price and you can tell.

How It Works
Call me at 406-5900 and book a time. I'll show up and take anywhere from 100 to 500 pictures (my camera shoots up to 6 pictures a second). After the hour long photo shoot, game, party, reunion or sitting I'll go through the pictures and delete most of them. Typically there is about 50 good pictures from this, with from 3 to 10 being GREAT. Then I'll upload the pictures to Walmart in a high resolution .JPG format. I'll email you the link and you can print as many as you want to.

How You Can Use The Pictures, Images, .Jpgs and .Tiffs
When you pay me for pictures, you have unlimited access to the photo as long as the image isn't sold or used commercially. This is almost unheard of in the professional photography world. In other words make as many copies, prints, .jpg web images, as you want and use them on your birthday, christmas and easter cards or where ever else you want to. Print calendars for your family and friends, etc. etc.

How The Images CAN'T Be Used
The pictures are for your enjoyment and my low low prices reflect this. When I do a photo shoot for you it is with the agreement my photos will not be sold or re-sold by you or other people. You are welcome to put my images on your personal web pages, blog's, coffee mugs, T-Shirts, Family Calendars, mouse pads, and other non-commercial web sites. If you have a small business I will probably agree to allow the images to be used for no additional charge. Use of my images for profit, commercial use, advertising or non-personal use on your part is strictly prohibited.

Other Ways Photos By Thunder May Use The Images
As you can see on this web site, Pictures I've taken are also used to show other people the type of work I do. Additionally the images might be sold as stock pictures. For example, the "Photos By Thunder" picture of my son shown above could end up being purchased by a business for filler in a news letter or it could be used by a hotel in a brochure to promote their summer specials - or both. If you want pictures I've taken to be withheld from the photo resale market please let me know prior to booking a photo shoot.

Unlimited Access to your pictures (I.E. No additional charges if you want to print a bunch of them)
One Reason Why You get unlimited access to your pictures comes from the following experience:

Over the years my family, the Anderson's, have paid several well known portrait photographers to take an annual Christmas Card picture for us. Typically we pay about $300 for a sitting with the intention of getting a picture we can email and re-print to send in Christmas Cards. The quality has ranged from poor to great.

Several years ago we hired a well known photographer for the annual christmas card picture. We paid our money and had the pictures taken. Several days later we went back to his office and were seated in a nice room on a sofa. He dimmed the lights, fed us M&M's and started showing us our family pictures - projected onto a screen - similar to a small movie theater. I was beginning to wonder what was up as he spent more and more time with us going through the pictures. Eventually we landed on the picture we wanted. He turned on the lights and then informed us for $6,000 we could have this picture hanging in our living room. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS ! ! ! !

To say that I was livid was an understatement. He started working down in price, $5,000 for one slightly smaller. Then $4,000 and on down. All we wanted was we wanted a christmas card photo - and we had told him this. You could feel the tension rising and he kept working down in price. Eventually we ended up buying two photos for another $300 or so. - Total price for two pictures and sitting was something like $500 or $600. I don't remember exactly was focusing my energy on trying not to explode.

THEN - as in AFTER we had paid - he told me the pictures were copyrighted and I could not copy them but had to order more prints through him and I couldn't have the .jpg for emailing.

The printed pictures arrived from the lab shortly before christmas. I wonder if the delay had anything to do with the fact I didn't buy the $6,000 picture? And the picture was printed on a special dimpled photo paper which does not typically scan well. I don't know this for a fact but I sure wonder if this "non-scanning" print was created this way accidentally or on purpose. Fortunately for me I know a thing or two about scanners and secondary settings and in a few hours the picture could be scanned. Though I not admitting to actually scanning or sending out 50 or so copies to my family - as was my originally stated intention.

If this guy had acted ethically none of this would not have happened because I would not have hired him in the first place.

And after watching him work and seeing his pictures it was apparent to me that my skill level was similar to his.

So now you can decide..... $6,000 for your picture from him - complete with free M&M's OR a couple of hundred and an honest exploitation of how you can and can't use the pictures BEFORE you hire me. If you think you are picking up some residual anger of mine over his bait and switch - you are. Being honest and straight forward in business is always better in the long run.

You've seen my work, know the prices and know beforehand what you can do with the pictures.

Call me with a smile and knowing you are going to get more well more than you paid for. Memories of a life time for you.



AA Brite 24/7 Answering The phone
I'm also the owner of AA Brite 24/7 painting and roof coating company here in Tucson and answer my cell phone as "Rob Anderson with AA Brite" - so now you won't be surprised and wondering if you called the wrong number. As mentioned earlier I work part time as a photographer and my hours are flexible. Obviously as the owner of another company I have to put a plug in for it here - in case you also need some painting or roof coating. Plus the next lens I want to buy costs $7,000 and the more work I get the sooner I get the lens. (smiling)


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