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$295 a Game & You Keep All of Them

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Experienced Football Photographer Gets The Great Shots
Remember the time your child recovered a fumble to save the game? You don't need a good memory if I took a picture of it for you. And even if he's not the greatest player I can still get great shots of him.


You Tell Me Who To Focus On
I Can focus on one child, several kids, or the entire team. Depends on what you want and how you came up with the money. For example, if three parents go together and split the cost at about $100 each, then I'll focus on those three kids. The narrower the focus, the easier it is to get sports magazine cover quality shots of your child like these. Remember, there are typically 40-50 good shots from a game with anywhere from 2 to 10 being great. The more kids there are to shoot, the fewer the number of great shots of each child.

green tackle

Those Great Shots Are Available FAST
Pictures are typically available online one day after the game. If there is a rush - like a championship game party after the game- it can be done in an hour if we have talked this out ahead of time. I always upload the pictures in High Resolution to Wal-Mart and then you order what you want as often as you want for the standard Wal-Mart printing cost. There are no additional fees from me for wanting to print lots of copies of the pictures for personal use or for emailing them to friends and family.

free flight

team picture 800

Team and All Individual Pictures $295 Total
I'm happy to take team and individual player photos but this works a little different than a regular photo shoot. The price is the same as for a game - $295. The difference is the pictures need to be taken near sunset. The best way to set this up is to have me come to one of the evening practices, but instead of a practice its picture night. I will take a picture of each player and also team photos. When I'm finished shooting pictures I'll give the compact flash card to the team mom or the coach and collect $295. They have the pictures and can collect the money from each players parent. This keeps the price in the $15 dollar per child range. There is no charge for returning on a different night - once - for any absent players or people who need re-photographing.

Last year one of the moms wanted a re-shoot because her child didn't have his hair properly combed. - Again, this is fine.

22 individual 600

Individual Player Picture Example


AA Brite 24/7 Answering The phone
I'm also the owner of AA Brite 24/7 painting and roof coating company here in Tucson and answer my cell phone as "Rob Anderson with AA Brite" - so now you won't be surprised and wondering if you called the wrong number. As mentioned earlier I work part time as a photographer and my hours are flexible. Obviously as the owner of another company I have to put a plug in for it here - in case you also need some painting or roof coating. Plus the next lens I want to buy costs $7,000 and the more work I get the sooner I get the lens. (smiling)


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