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dad on rocks

An award winning photographer at prices you can afford.
My name is Robert Anderson and I'm a 43 year old part time professional photographer. I really enjoy the challenge of taking a great picture.

My hobby, turned part time occupation has been helpful over the years with both the engineering work I've done and also with my painting business. Great pictures are a good start to selling your project or your company. Though you might now be questioning this to some small degree based on the above picture. Fear not, some great ones are shown below. And with kids and portrait work the above attitude helps get people enjoying life and ignoring the camera - which makes for better pictures.


My First Winning Photograph - "Baby Robbins Minutes Old"
This is the first picture I took that won a photography contest, and I was in eighth or ninth grade (1980ish) when it was taken. My mother entered it into an adult contest and didn't tell me until after it won. Quite a surprise as I was just having fun with my dads camera when I took it.

baby birds


Not to sound too old, but in 1980 color film and developing was expensive and I was only allowed to take a few pictures a year as dad had to pay for it all since 8th graders don't have much money.

At the age of 16 I bought my first 35mm camera (a pentax K-1000 for photography buffs). By the time I was 18 I had a Nikon N2000 with an auto winder. The price of film was still painful to me, so I shot a lot of black and white and developed it myself.

relaxed ariplane exit

My 3rd Award Winning Photograph -"Exiting A Cessna 182 Airplane"
Taken in the sky's over Minier Illinois. By the time I was in college I was seriously into photography and developing my own film. I built a fiberglass helmet mount for my beloved Nikon camera and wired up a remote release so pictures could be taken by pressing a button on small stick strapped to my left hand when I was skydiving.

To figure out where the camera was aiming - on the ground - I would have somebody stand behind me and look through the viewfinder. The would tell me what they could see and I would use a sharpe marker and draw a rectangle on my goggles. What was inside the box was what the camera could see. It worked remarkably well for the shoestring budget it was built with.


relaxed freefall

A 4th Award Winning Photograph - "Relaxed Free fall"
The skydiving photographs were really popular in the photography contests I entered them into in the 1980's. Now that they are over twenty years old I look at them fondly, but photography has advanced so much as a science that I see plenty of room for improvement. The camera gear is so much more sophisticated and faster that getting great photographs is easier now.


20 way formation

Photographs of Old Friends - "20 Way Free fall"
This picture also placed in one of the contests. My dear friend Art Olliver (the one with the broken leg) was killed a few years later. Art's death reinforced to me the importance of having great memories captured in photo form. At the time I thought I was taking a lot of pictures, but looking back I only have five or six good ones of Art.

Gotta End Optimistically
As you can see I'm a big believer in capturing sweet memories in photo form. Whether you hire me to take football pictures, family pictures or kids portraits my desire and drive to get you that once in a lifetime photo will be running strong.

Give me a call and set an appointment.


Sincerely and Most Respectfully,
Robert Anderson
Award Winning Photographer
Masters Degree Industrial Technology


AA Brite 24/7 Answering The phone
I'm also the owner of AA Brite 24/7 painting and roof coating company here in Tucson and answer my cell phone as "Rob Anderson with AA Brite" - so now you won't be surprised and wondering if you called the wrong number. As mentioned earlier I work part time as a photographer and my hours are flexible. Obviously as the owner of another company I have to put a plug in for it here - in case you also need some painting or roof coating. Plus the next lens I want to buy costs $7,000 and the more work I get the sooner I get the lens. (smiling)


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